4 Most Expensive Fruits in the World and Their Prices, What Are They?

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Prices of fruits sold in the Indonesian market are generally still affordable. Be it watermelons, melons, apples, or grapes. However, have you ever imagined buying a watermelon or melon that costs almost the same as a car or apartment? Yes, there are several fruits in the world whose price, when sold, can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah, available at the link  https://mexpensive.com/ What are these fruits?

1. Buddha-shaped pears Reporting from Wealthy Gorilla, Buddha-shaped pears are one of the most expensive fruits in the world because the price per seed costs IDR 140,000. This fruit is cultivated by a farmer from China, Gao Xinzhang. This man from Hebei Province, China is a steel producer in the Bamboo Curtain country. Buddha shaped pears are made by inserting this fruit into a small mold with the shape of a Buddha. Pears with this unique shape are in demand in the market because the fruit is believed to bring longevity to those who eat them.

2. Sembikiya Cherry During their growing period, these cherries are closely monitored. They are established in little glasshouses and all around kept up with to guarantee their quality, variety, and size meet the prerequisite exactly to be exceptional organic product. To attract the most attention, each must be identical to others. Assuming they are ready and sweet, you can this one of the most costly natural product on the planet at the expense of around $160. Sembikiya, Tokyo’s most well-known fruit shop, sells them. For the price, you can buy 40 boxes of these beautiful fruits.

3. Sekai Ichi Apples One, whose name translates to “the first in the world,” can be purchased through the link provided by https://mexpensive.com/ . They have a light red or pink tone and taste sweet. Their weight and size are out of the ordinary. They measure approximately 15 inches in circumference and weigh approximately 2 pounds. Prior to being sold, these one of the most costly natural product on the planet are washed in honey and this makes the cost. Every one of them costs $21.

4. Dekopon Citrus This sweet, seedless fruit is a hybrid of mandarin and orange. Many people consider them to be the world’s best citrus since they were first grown in 1972. Despite the fact that each Dekopon orange retails for no less than $14 ($80 per pack of 6), they are prevalently spread past Japan. These days, they are being reaped in South Korea and Brazil.

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